Release 901C™

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Release 901C™ is a bio-stimulant unique among broad-spectrum fertilizers.

Release 901C™ combines organic compounds and 10% micronized liquid carbon. This proprietary nutrient package with liquid carbon increases the health of your soil, delivering long-term residual benefits not available in any other fertilizer.

Mirimichi Green™ uses patent-pending nanotechnology, so the organics, carbon, nutrients, and trace elements are less than 400 Dalton size, enabling immediate uptake through roots, leaves, and soil. Release 901C™ improves the performance of other fertilizers, bio-stimulants, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. It also helps improve water retention and water quality.

Mirimichi Green’s micronized carbon is a game-changer; studies show that 9% Nitrogen, with our carbon and organic extracts, is equal to 18% nitrogen. It also mines out existing Phosphate and Potassium 50x more effective than Humic 6%.

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